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Nika Valentine

Nika had been pleasantly suprised by the adults phrasing when he asked her about her choice to only train bug type pokemon. Most people looked down on bug types for precisely some of the reasons that Aloin had pointed out, and would often view her dedication to them with derision and mockery. It was unusual for someone to take a genuine interest in the thought that had gone into her decision. Just as she was about to explain herself to him they were interrupted (she seemed to be suffering quite a few of those this evening) by a young boy in a red vest.

He seemed to be trying to make some sort of point, or perhaps ask a question, but his purpose wasn't clear. Certainly not to Nika who was so methodical and focused in her life, making vague statements or insinuations just frustrated her and left her feeling lost. Whatever the point of his interjection, Aloin seemed to have decided that a battle was called for. Sending out his Gallade he prepared to fight - she had never seen a Gallade before...

Rummaging around in her satchel with her free hand she withdrew a pokedex, flipping it open and pressing the scan button.

"Gallade. The Blade Pokemon, Psychic/Fighting type and the evolved form of Kirlia. A master of courtesy and swordsmanship, it fights using extended swords on its elbows. Because it can sense what its foe is thinking its attacks burst out first, fast and fierce."

Interesting. Perhaps it would be worth her time to stay and observe the possible battle, if one did indeed commence.

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