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My problem with Wario was never that I didn't think he was a big enough deal to warrant being in Smash Bros, it was that he's just an annoying and awkward character to control. I can't play well with him and I find it boring having to play with him because I'm just going through the motions rather than actually enjoying it.

But yeah I'm sorry, King Dedede is just terrible. In my opinion he is the worst character in this or any Smash Bros game that has or will ever come into existence. He is both awkward and slow as hell, and people can hit you three or four times before he'd even get the chance to swing his goddamn hammer. The only way I can play as him with any degree of effectiveness is if I spam that attack where he jumps really high in the air and then comes down and crushes everybody. Outside of that, I find him utterly useless.

So I was genuinely shocked when I found out that people were jizzing their pants over him and making him their main. I just... I don't get it!

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