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Originally Posted by Raikiri View Post
We need to use this thread more.

Okay, so a few updates after a fairly busy weekend. At least for me.

1. A "knight" post is in the works. Sorry it has been a bit slow on that end but I promise it will build up. I was waiting on Silver Rogue to post but decided to move on anyway. If all goes well, there will be something to reply to in about 24 hours.

2. A "Mercenary" post is also in the works, and is waiting on Ichiro to post. Once he gets one done, the "Mercenary" group will be able to move on. Raitan can post if he would like to. Or he can wait. Up to him.

I appreciate the patience. We will get this moving. Promise. Also, you can use this thread to talk to each other. Being social is half the fun :DD

If anyone else would like to sign up, they are still OPEN. I may put that in the OP later. If the mood strikes me xD
Yes, there are still spots open, Candy.
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