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Elijah grinned as he came through the doors, his eyes scanning over the insides of the tavern. It didn't sound as if it was going to be this nice, but it was better for him. He had ran out all of his options on the nicer side of town. Long story short, he had been kicked out of each and every one of them. Seven to be exact. They could not handle the truth, and Elijah is the harbinger of truth. In one of the restaurants, he had asked for a new waitress. Why? She was far too ugly to wait him. Her teeth were absolutely... ew. Just ew. Elijah really didn't want to relive that.

Elijah decided on taking a seat at a table next to a group of people. His decision was helped by the fact it was the only table available, but nonetheless he had gotten a seat. He rushed out a sigh of relief as the waitress came up to him. She was at least a little bit attractive. Much better than the other ones. Elijah grinned at her.

"W-what can I get y-you, sir?" She overlooked his armor quickly, before looking back to his eyes. It was as if she was assessing whether he'd be a threat.

He continued to grin at her. "How about a roasted chicken, and a simple glass of water. I don't drink." She nodded, but he didn't exactly let her go just yet. "Oh, and compliments on the establishment. It's not nearly as gross as I thought it was going to be." Elijah had a genuine smile on his face, while the one forming on the waitresses was forced. She was obviously confused, but asked nothing to go back to the kitchen.

After about ten minutes of waiting, the woman came back with his meal. Elijah took out the coin required to pay for the meal, slid the money over to the waitress, and thanked her for bringing the food out politely. Elijah slipped out a throwing knife from his belt, twirling it in his fingers. Finally, he was going to get some food in his stomach. He had been starving the whole evening. He stopped the throwing knife when it pointed down, and cut the leg off of the chicken. Elijah took it, and took a small hesitant bite out of it. To his shock, it was actually pleasant. He had thought it was going to be burned to the crisp, let alone moist. Elijah smiled some more, and took a small sip of his water.

When Elijah first came into the Broken Keg, his plan was as simple as get in, eat, get out. Thankfully his ears didn't fail to pick up the conversation behind him. The word that literally made him look up from his plate was 'work'. Typical Elijah. He turned his chair ever-so slightly, and examined the group closer. His deep blue eyes moved from person to person, before his calm, clear voice spoke to them. "I apologize to have over-heard your conversation, but you have work to be done? My name's Elijah Darryon Chapmann, and I'd be glad to be of service." Elijah put on his trade-mark smirk.
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