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Quote originally posted by TwilightSky:
How do you defeat Darkrai on PMD OES? Because Cresselia keeps using up my Reviver Seeds and I've got like 30 of them :/ I've never lost to any boss, but I keep getting held back by Cresselia, because she's like lvl 47..
I decided I might use a Vanish Seed on her... but I'm only at lvl 54, and my partner Pikachu is on lvl 55, and the monster house is really hard XD and also I'm really bored of training up all the time soo yeah.
That was probably like the hardest battle ever for me, tbh. ): Cresselia can actually be helpful but it depends who she's put up against. When she's near Aggron, Magcargo or Rhyperior you'll have to step in. Idk what your Pokemon is, I just hope it can do something against them lol. Before you start any battling, throw something like an x-eye seed at Darkrai, deal with his minions first. :> Cresselia can deal with Arbok and Magmortar, she may have trouble with Mismagius if it gets a few flinchy Astonishes in. Once that's done use everything you have to defeat Darkrai.

Quote originally posted by Rivvon:
I have a quick question regarding Conquest:
The official website says that the Keiji episode is available for download, but when I try to get it, it says I've downloaded the Ranmaru episode. Does anyone know if this is just a goof-up, or is my game just wacky? I haven't seen much on the topic.

Thanks in advance!
The Keiji episode has only been distributed in Japan so it's probably just a mix up on the websites part.
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