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Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
Yes, but how does he raise the land? He wrenches the earth's crust apart and releases lava what cools to form land. It's a bit explosive event. And it's be quite difficult to predict the path of lava, the area of earthquake effects, new fault lines opening up... you'd have to evacuate the entire land and put them out to sea. On, say, floating cities.
Ah, but not necessarily. If you started in a remote area, like the middle of the ocean, we really wouldn't be disturbing anyone. Rather, we could make islands that people could live on after they formed correctly.

Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
Considering the technology inherent in things like Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, I've no doubt that we can easily expand upon such things. And it doesn't have to be one ship- we can have a convoy and escorts and suburbs that tether to the main grouping for most of the time.

Bare midriffs are better than bare thighs. Y'all are gonna have bugs crawling up your skirts.
I imagine it would take years to convert an aircraft carrier into anything resembling a city. They're usually cramped, and they don't even let certain people on them due to height and weight regulations.

Your pants are loose enough that so will you. xP

Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
Ah but you are. There are many people who live coastal and water-based lives, and you'd be taking them away from that for many years while you expanded your land. And they'd never get back what they had. There will be resistance no matter what you do.
But by creating more land you would only be creating more miles of beach, instead of reducing it. But what you said is true, bot of our plans will have resistance. All change is resisted at first.