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Orion Pierce

Welcome to Thayla Island, home to this years Pokemon Grand Tournament. Make sure you pick up all your belongings and exit in an orderly manner. Also, all contestants must pick up the rulebook along with house keys before leaveing to admissions....

Orion groaned as he got up, woken from the speakers meant to shepard people off the boat. He had little luck with boats in the first place(memories of Brinney and Peko surface, turning his stomach even worse), though the rough water on the way to the island churned his stomach worse than ussual. He was cot bound most of the journey, unable to get up or move due to nausea. To be on solid ground was a god-send, and he did a quick check before leaving this boat for good.

The attendants at the admissions double checked my Trainer ID, Pokemon brought, and general information before I finally got in. It is weird to think, as the doors shut behind him, that he would not be able to leave until they open the island back up. Not even the audience could leave, one of the reasons, unfortunatly, that his parents were not there. They of course, stayed home to work, though they would probally watch the battles on primetime or something.

A brief itinerary in the front of the book showed that nothing but arriving was happening today, leaving the rest of his day clear. He could go to his room, but decided to wander the beach. It was little surprise that venders would go out into the beach, but they hardly looked ready. At least thier were a few chairs on the beach with umbrellas above them to just relax. He released Desco, Laharl, and Athena, who took a cautious look around before relaxing.

"Enjoy yourselves, because it may be a while before we relax like this." Orion said, before begining to read the fairly short rulebook a few times. Athena drug herself next to him and withdrew, content to just sit their. Orion set a water bottle on her shell, useing her as an improptu table. Desco and Laharl, on the other hand, went down by the shore, intent on makeing a huge sand castle.
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