Thread: [B2/W2] What is Your Team in B/W 2
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Pkmn Trainer Alli
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Neeko / Dewott lv. 33 (m) @ Mystic Water
Razor Shell, Aqua Jet, Return, Fury Cutter

チュりっぺ / Lilligant (f) lv. 33 @ Miracle Seed
Sleep Powder, Synthesis, Magical Leaf, Giga Drain

Mark / Cinccino (m) lv. 33 @ Silk Scarf
Tail Slap, Double Slap, Sing, Swift

Tommy / Growlithe (m) lv. 33 @ Charcoal
Flame Burst, Flame Wheel, Snarl, Return

Simon / Umbreon (m) lv. 33
Snarl, Quick Attack, Bite, Covet

Punky / Lucario (m) lv. 33 @ Shell Bell
Force Palm, Ice Punch, Strength, Bone Rush
mother of challenges
super mod
paired to diddy