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Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
They aren't evil; they're doing what they're doing because they think it'll improve the world. They're actively trying to help people rather than hinder them, so I don't understand why they only use evil-associated Pokémon. With teams like the Rockets, it's obvious that they should be using these Pokémon because they're trying to take over the world, not improve it. But I don't think Aqua/Magma should appear as evil like that.

At first I was going to argue that while they think they're doing good, they're also causing a lot of problems for other people in the process, but I actually see what you're trying to say. Why would a team that thinks it's doing good only use Pokemon that are supposed to be 'evil'?

Quote originally posted by EternallyAnna:
So what are you hoping to see for your team in the RSEmakes, then? Like better/more varied Pokémon, more hideouts, etc.

Well there are a lot of new Pokemon out there now, and so I'd have not objections if the Hoenn Dex was expanded a bit. There just aren't a whole lot of fire alternatives for Magma. Maybe they could use ground or rock types?

I also would love to see them (or any team for that matter) have more involvement in the storyline, or at least more well tied together involvement.