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Originally Posted by Haseyo View Post
I'm still going to as well, but a full translated Japanese version is also useful for obtaining Japanese OT Pokemon for breeding shinies via an acekard. I don't know if they are translating generic trainer lines (which are generally skipped over even in English except Joey) but the story is almost half way complete, so it will basically be 100% translated far before NA/EU release.
Honestly though for the sake of doing a complete job they will do the whole thing. Though I don't like to pirate that often I have considered getting an R4 chip to play fan translated games.

Originally Posted by iTeruri View Post
Ah. Got confused by the 'release in the US' in the first post and thought that the official translated copies somehow leaked. And then it got even more confusing when people started talking about not translating the story.

But somehow I never thought about fan translations. I feel kinda stupid now.
Don't feel stupid I've had much bigger blunders than that in my time
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