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Kirkland Lawrence

Kirkland Lawrence sighed as he stared out to sea, it's waves seemingly going on forever. Why was he bored to death? He chose the cheapest way to travel and used his very own Pokemon, his Gyarados known as Anaklusmos. It didn't cost anything, but there was no one else except for him and his Pokemon. He began to climb onto Anaklusmos' head, the Pokemon showing his own awareness with a roar.

"Oh calm down Anaklusmos," Kirkland said, his mind thinking about the day ahead. "You're just trying to play with me and I know it. Anyways, do you like the exercise? Haven't you been surfing all night?"

The Gyarados simply roared in reply, it's choice hidden in his tone. Smiling, the trainer looked ahead to see an island on the horizon. "Looks like that's Thayla Island. You'll get some rest soon." The island was his destination as well as his to-be home for the next few weeks. Once there, he and his Pokemon would partake in the Pokemon Grand Tournament. Within seconds, he slipped into a somewhat daydream-like state, his mind focused only at what was soon to be at hand.

The pair soon reached the island, their waiting finished. "Thanks Anaklusmos," he said, raising his Pokeball. A light appeared as he aimed it at his Pokemon, the Gyarados disappearing within seconds. With that done, Kirkland started for the reception area. All around he could see trainers and spectators alike, all of them there for the tournament. Of course, that also meant that the receptions desk was pretty full. I guess I'll need to be patient, he thought.

After what seemed to be an hour, Kirkland reached the desk to find a fairly optimistic receptionist. "Well hello there," she said. "What can I do for you?"

For some reason, Kirkland was caught off guard. He had expected someone fairly crabby, especially if they did this for a living. "Umm, I'd like to check in," he answered. "I'm Kirkland Lawrence."

"Kirkland... Here's your things. The pamplet will tell you where to go and the key card will let you in."

Kirkland nodded his thanks and walked towards his new place. So, I'll be living in the creation house. I'll also seem to have a partner. Jess Long. Was the person a boy or a girl? Sighing, he released his Espeon and Lucario, named Harmony and Hope respectively. "We have more partners," he told them, "so please, don't be too restless."

The Pokemon simply nodded in reply. Kirkland smirked and set his key into the scanner, unlocking the door instantly. "Here we go."

The room was colorful to say the least. Enough of them for every single type of Pokemon. The room consisted of a reasonable sized kitchen, bathroom (only one?), living area, two platform beds, and an Infernape. The bed next to the Infernape, however, was occupied by a girl, roughly the same age as Kirkland.

"Hello there."
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