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Chapter 8
You’re on!

Pokémon League
Present Day

“Go Accelgor!”

“Go Hydreigon!”

They were both at their last Pokémon, which, ironically was their first Pokémon. A bead of sweat rolled down Alder’s neck.

“I haven’t been in a battle this intense in years!”

Hilbert grinned.

“Accelgor, use Double Team!”

“Hydreigon, use Dragon Dance!”

Both Pokémon vibrated at a speed faster than light, Hydreigon glowing with a red aura. Accelgor surrounded Hydreigon with eight holographic copies of itself. Nobody could notice the difference; it would have to be by chance. Hilbert had anticipated this move, in fact it was one of the most obvious moves Alder could have done. He had prepared a special move for this occasion.

“Hydreigon, DRAGON SPIN!”

For a moment, there was surprise on Aldler’s face, and then he regained composure. Hydreigon leapt up into the air and started spinning at high speed, spewing blue bolts of energy as it did so. One by one the holographs faded, soon none remained.

“Huh? That’s not right!” exclaimed Hilbert.

Then it hit him.

“Hydreigon, BEHIND YOU!”

It was too late. The real Accelgor shot up from behind.

“Accelgor, X-Scissor!”

The move slashed like lightning, sending Hydreigon sprawling across the arena. It lay there motionless.






“Hydreigon is unable to battle! Accelgor wins! The victor is… ALDER!”

Hilbert stood there sullen; he had been so close to victory. Then he got up, and walked over to Hydreigon.

“Hey, you were great! Now take a good rest.”

Alder walked up to him, his face red with excitement.

“You were great! I’ve never seen someone get me into a tight spot like that ever! You’ll be a great champion one day!”

Hilbert smiled feebly, still crushed by his loss. They shook hands and Hilbert began to leave.

“Feel free to come back and challenge any time!”

He reached the exit, and headed towards the Pokémon Center. A pale, green haired teen stood in his way.

“Hilbert…” N said, “We need to talk.”
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