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Originally Posted by TheKakistocracy View Post
When I spoke to the guy in the Challenge Factory for the first time, he just said "Congratulation! You finished the first mission! Right now we don't have any new mission available. Come back later, sorry."
... except I hadn't done any missions yet. This also meant I can't get the special machine app that cuts the thick lianas in the forest. When I talk to the guy in honey village, he just says something vague about how he thinks there's an app for it.
Now I've gone back to the factory and the guy has said exactly the same thing, but for the second mission. This means I can't beat sky and get the pokeflute, meaning I can't get past golden city. I can't defeat the magma hideout or get to aqua town either.
What's going on?? HELP!

* I'm playing the main version.
I think you missed some sort of event back there. because check that using SKY's guide on first post
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