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Originally Posted by coolalex144 View Post
Thanks for your input! That part about the 0 speed iv's for a Gyro ball was brilliant. But he won't be able to dish out that much damage. So i guess he'd be a tank

And with swampert, would this work?

Moveset Ev's: 172 HP / 252 Atk / 84 Speed
~ Waterfall / Aqua Tail
~ Earthquake
~ Ice Punch / Stone Edge
~ Superpower

And I think those Ev's with Larvitar would be pretty good. Maybe a little boost to hp or defence by halfing speed or something ;D
To clear up any misreadings, Tyranitar's EV spread should be 252 HP/64 SAtk/192 SDef. (SuperTreaz probably mixed up the abbreviations). You can also use 56 Atk/252 SAtk/200 Spe with a Hasty nature for a more offensive approach, but that comprises Tyranitar's bulk a bit.

And the above EV spread looks okay to me.