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Amaterasu Aoi

As Amaterasu sat back down on the sofa, she heard a voice exclaim "Sorry!" as the door to the room was briefly opened and shut. She quickly realized that this was likely her new roomate and partner, scared off by the possible presence of an evil spirit in their chambers. How nice it was to know that her partner had an understanding of the supernatural, but perhaps she was a bit too worrisome about it. Luckilly for Eria, Amaterasu was skilled in driving them away and sending them back to where they came from.

The Unovan cartoon Exploration Hour countinued to play in the background, Recca still watching as her Trainer got up to welcome her partner. Opening the door again, Amaterasu addressed the female, Eria Estella. She was a rather odd looking girl, in both appearance and manner of dress, but it was all kind of cute. Her frail limbs and pale skin suggested that she was a good few years younger than the seventeen-year-old miko, but looks could be deceiving. Not only that, but Amaterasu knew full well that age didn't have to matter when it came to a Trainer's skill.

"No need to worry, my friend," Amaterasu spoke calmly to the girl with a friendly smile. "It was just the television, see? My mistake. Our room is completely free of the paranormal. You must be Eria, right? I'm Amaterasu, and I'd be honored to have you as my partner." She extended her hand to the girl in a friendly gesture. "Why don't you come on in and make yourself at home?"

"We're not afraid of your silly Piplup guards, Freeze King!," a voice from the television resounded. The boy in the Cubchoo hat picked up a sword as he dashed forward, moving down several of the penguin Pokemon in his path and flailing them about comically. "Nine-taaaaaaillllls!" Recca was rolling on the couch and laughing. She didn't fit the supposed regal demeanor of her species in the slightest, but she was loyal Amaterasu to the bitter end, and quite the battler when she needed to be.

"You'll have to excuse Recca, that's just how she is," Amaterasu continued. "But she is an amazing Pokemon when she's in the mood." The teenager was doing her best not to frighten her new partner, as she seemed to be rather timid. Perhaps she might also help with putting up the talismans later, after they were both unpacked and settled in.
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