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For anybody saying that the newer the game, the easier the shinies are able to get is wrong. Every game in the series has a 1/8192 chance of encountering a shiny pokemon, wether it be in the wild or through interactibility (ie picking a starter or encountering a stationary legendary) The only thing that has changed this formula is the masuda method introduced in generation 4, which was already stated to be a reason for people to want to use the GTS. I mean come on, who wouldn't want to get a shiny pokemon very easily (1/2048 by hatching eggs) by just trading somebody in japan for their ditto? lol

As for the shiny charm, I think that thing is absolute garbage and stupidity. As others have said in this thread, shinies were never supposed to be some main thing in the game, just another extra cool game mechanic for those who wanted to dedicate their time to it. As I am a shiny hunter, and have spent alot of time SRing, REing and MMing for my shinies, this charm that allows people to pretty much get a shiny whenever they want is such a slap in the face to me from gamefreak. Not to mention the two free shinies you can get in game with very little effort. It makes me sick. The lake of rage Gyarados was a vital point in the story line and is the only justified shiny that should have been given to us. The haxorus and gible/dratini serve no purpose other than for everybody just to have a shiny they dont really deserve.

I know I'm not alone in what I think but these were just my thoughts on the subject. I'm sure those people who have spent their time hatching a thousand axew eggs and got their shiny, or the people who encountered thousands of pokemon just to get their random shiny gible are going to feel really good about all the work they did when everybody else has a free shiny axew/gible for no effort at all. Have fun with that. I still am going to shiny hunt till the last pokemon game, but it feels like my efforts these past two years are going to waste in this new game. Hopefully they don't bring the shiny charm back in the next game.


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