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Sarah Reyes

Sarah just continued reading her book. It was really when the captain arrived that she made sure to pay attention to the announcement he gave and smiled as the other trainers cheered. She was a very patient women, you had to be when you raised kids and so she watched as the boat left the dock and soon they were far from land. She just sat there and turned the pages every now and then. She wasn't really here to only battle, she just wanted to relax. If that meant one day she would read her book only then she would read her book. If it meant that another day she wanted to battle, then she would battle. Already the other trainers on the boat were chatting among each other. The trainers she did see were very young, and there were hardly any adults that would battle here as well. Still, it wouldn't hurt to chat with them, but she didn't want to push herself in either. She knew most kids, especially trainers, didn't like being told what to do, so she would wait for them to open up. Maybe one would publicly ask for a battle or some event would happen on deck?

Well, stuff was happening. Already, a boy had been given a special poke ball that had let him capture a Lapras. Other trainers were also capturing other pokemon. Sarah really didn't want to specialize in other pokemon. Sure, it was foolhardy to specialize in only one type of pokemon, but the Elite Four did it! Gym leaders did it, and they were considered some of the best trainers. Once they did hit a port, Sarah could then head out see just what fighting type pokemon she could find. She knew that she would want to catch a Machop, having a Machamp later on would really help her. Apart from that, she didn't know what other pokemon she wanted. She could travel to other parts of the world and find pokemon that she would otherwise never see.

She smiled as she went over to the edge and glanced down at the sea. Various sea pokemon swam below. Blaze came with her as well, but looked uncomfortable. Yes, he was a fire type and he did have a right to be nervous since they were pretty much surrounded by water. She patted the Blaziken's arm, "It isn't like we'll sink." She said happily as Blaze rolled his eyes in response. She giggled and led the way back to the bench as she sat down and pulled out her phone and sent a quick text to Stuart and pulled out her book again. It was relaxing to her, and that was all that counted.