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Waver Cato

Age: 16


Hometown: Fuchsia City

Appearance: Waver has silvery hair that tends to hang in his eyes and deep purple colored irises. Waver wears a sleeveless jacket with a high collar that parts just above his midway. He has a jacket to wear over this in case it gets cold, but usually wears this one tied around his waist. He wears a black bottom from a jumpsuit that is tucked into a pair of tabi socks, and he wears straw sandals rather than shoes. Around his neck, Waver appears to wear a thin scarf, but ina ctuality, it is a mask that may be drawn up to cover his mouth. Waver is smaller than his age would have one think, and is often mistaken for a child who shouldn’t even be on a journey. When treated as such, Waver tends to become indignant and angry.

Personality: Waver is a fairly quiet and serious person, eyeing things with a critical eye at first. Despite his young age, he tends to act like a grown up, due to having been raised with a strong sense of duty. Even when he’s happy, Waver tends to forget that he’s supposed to smile and his expression rarely changes. Despite his countenance, Waver is kindhearted enough to take the well-being of others into account, and his actions tend to disregard his own safety. His actions tend to be earnest at time, as he’s always trying to do more than he is capable of.

Bio: Waver is a shinobi from the same ninja clan as Janine and Koga. He has a vast knowledge of ninja techniques, such as smokescreens and camouflage, and was even taught how to deal with poisons and paralysis by his grandmother, one of the elders. Despite what the clan is known for, however, Waver never gained an interest in poison types. He preferred more variety in his partners, especially when it comes to stealth. Waver had challenged the Pokémon gym several times in his hometown, in order to test his strength, but he was never able to defeat either Koga or Janine. Waver eventually became frustrated with himself and decided to leave Fuchsia city temporarily and experience life a bit more before returning.


Nickname: Risa

Level: 33

Ability: Natural cure

Moveset: Camouflage, bubble beam, recover, swift

Personality: Starmie is equally a dutiful as Waver and appears to have no personality. It simply follows orders perfectly without a single complaint, doing as it is told.

Bio: Waver found Staryu one day while walking along the beach south of Fuchsia City. He had tripped over it, initially, not sure of what it had been. Upon inspection, Waver realized that there was a Pokémon hidden on the sand, invisible. Waver tried to interact with it, but the Pokémon completely ignored Waver. Eventually, Waver kicked sand onto the Pokémon, which ended up dispelling the camouflage, strangely, and Waver sat and watched the Staryu for hours as its flashing core continued to make strange colors. It wasn’t until the evening sun had vanished in the horizon that Staryu began moving, which surprised the sleepy Waver. It slipped into the water, vanishing completely. Dissapointed, Waver came back the next day without much hope, only to trip over what was probably the same Staryu. Excited, Waver rushed home to borrow a Pokéball from his father, and caught the Staryu while it was unawares. Waver had mistaken the Pokémon for some sort of alien sending signals back home, and even after someone identified the Pokémon for him, he remained convinced that it was unique in some way, and kept it since.


Nickname: Sylvester

Level: 30

Ability: Color change

Moveset: Shadow sneak, bind, slash, fury swipes

Personality: Sylvester tends to change colors constantly according to Waver’s personality, mostly to tease him because Waver rarely expresses his own feelings on his face. Sylvester tends to be more outgoing than its trainer and likes to reflect his moods in order to help others understand him better. Sylvester makes it his personal goal to make Waver more open to others, something Waver doesn’t appreciate.

Bio: Kecleon had accidently been captured and shipped to Fuschia along with several other Pokémon for the Safari zone one day, plucked straight out of Hoenn. Frightened and alone, Kecleon changed its color to hide from everyone inside the Safari Zone and refused to show itself. The Safari Zone’s workers, however, noticed berries vanishing, as well as Pokémon food, and became concerned that a patron was stealing. When their accusations led to nothing, they called on someone to help investigate. Waver volunteered himself, as his first official mission as a shinobi, and stayed in the Safari Zone even after it closed for the night. Waver was surprised to find a floating red stripe heading toward a bush of berries that had been set up to trap the Pokémon, and Waver had Staryu use flash to smoke the Pokémon out. Startled, Kecleon’s disguise faded and it fled. Waver spent the rest of the night playing tag with the Pokémon, though he didn’t know it, chasing it through trees and ponds. In the end, Waver managed to capture the Kecleon after cornering it and blinding it with Staryu once again. Ever since, Kecleon has focused on convincing Waver to play like he had that day more often.


Nickname: Integra

Level: 30

Ability: Speed boost

Moveset: Swords dance, aerial ace, baton pass, leech life

Personality: Integra is a nervous Pokémon, always constantly moving and ferretting in and out of rooms at unreal speeds. Though it appears to be a nervous habit, Integra does a good job of scouting places with its speed and memorizing the details of what it sees. Integra rarely sits still when outside of its Pokéball and always has something it wants to see or do, which keeps Waver constantly moving as well to keep it from becoming too impatient.

Bio: Waver was given a Nincada to play with as a child. His parents wanted Waver to learn the art of stealth, so they showed how the Nincada burrowed underground to keep from sight and used its small body to its advantage, a trait Waver shared. Waver played with this Pokémon constantly to learn quicker, and the two of them quickly became friends. Waver was surprised when Nincada had first evolved. As a ground sub-type, Nincada had been calm, slightly slow, and resilient. But as a Ninjask, it’s personality had gone in the completely opposite direction, and its pace was too much for Waver to handle at first. Waver still enjoys Ninjask’s presence, but still struggles to keep up with the Pokémon’s pace. Furthermore, Waver was disturbed by Ninjask’s shadow. For some reason, whenever he looked at it, he felt like something was watching him. A trick of the light from Ninjask’s golden body, Waver assumed, but he was never sure.
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