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Salem makes a good impression

Now, Rolly wasn't a travel expert. He had no idea how most transportation services were supposed to work, but he could make a safe bet that they didn't work like that. Boats should not be meandering into whirlpools, passing through treacherous waves, or casually strolling through Sharpedo territory. And they especially shouldn't do... that. It gave him the shivers just thinking about it.

Rolly and Waltz weren't just glad or relieved to finally settle on the steady ground of the island. It was a bliss filled doziness that was incapable of fading by any means other than time. Rolly lazily dug under his scarf and pulled out his house pass, with the accompanying letter of acceptance.

We are delighted to yadda yadda yadda...
Diagla house blah blah blah...
Mina Avery...
We look forward to your participation and wish the best for your team in the upcoming challenges.

Signed President whatever of the Veilstone Corporation.

Waltz blankly gaze up towards Rolly, and his trainer's equally blank expression provided no source of comfort. He wanted to go and lay down... Why wasn't Rolly bothering to take care of things? The Luxray snorted with mild annoyance, and thankfully snapped the dozey headed teenager back to reality.

Rolly clambered onto his Luxray, who was intelligent enough to stride for the entrance gates. There they should get things verified and figured out.

And as boring as that was, that meant reviewing everthing. His house pass only needed a quick glance. It appeared similar to the standard Trainer Card. His photo, a few basic details, a quick registry of his team on the flipside, and an impressive picture of Dialga in the background. Ugh, he would have much preferred Giratina or Arceus. Dialga seemed so... Bland compared to those two. But it was miles better than Palkia.

Tucked behind that was a brief profile of his partner. Rolly flopped backwards over his Luxray, with his fingers nearly dragging over the ground. He tugged his hat tight to prevent it from Arceus forbid, falling off, and lightly purveyed the sheet of unneeded information, as he should hopefully be meeting her soon.

... There was almost nothing about her Pokémon! How could he make plans without that?! What the heck was a Charizard?! And Tyranitar? Definitely from another region. Kanto in fact, he could learn so much about Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres from her! And maybe even Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Ho-oh, Lugia, and Celebi~! Oh gosh this would be so exciting and magical and he could learn so mu- Milotic. Well that was one he was familiar with. Ugh, she must have been one of those prissy types concerned with pretty-ness and girly stuff.

Rolly and Waltz shared a glance, along with an exaggerated grimace. Neither of them needed anything to do with girl stuff.

The duo shrugged off their misery and greeted the receptionist cheerily in the gateway styled admission center. "Howdy! I'm reporting in for the tournament." False pleasantries were exchanged that left both himself and the receptionist feeling patronized, but the ordeal went smoothly otherwise. He wasn't carrying all that much, which made the item check a quick and painless process. And the directions were so simplistic that even a simpleton like Rolly should be more than capable of following them without failure.

That was a lie. He was totally lost.

He left the admissions center with a nervous smile, but he wasn't burdened with those silly papers any longer. Well, most of them. He still needed the house pass. Everything else was shoved in a trash can. Where it belonged.

Everything worked out fortunately in the end. Waltz was nowhere near as big a fool as Rolly had proved himself to be. And even when his trainer tugged his mane to guide him in the "right" directions, the Luxray took the "wrong" ones all the way to the doors of the Dialga house. But as the dust settled after their quick scuffle resulting from Waltz's taunting glance, both realized that neither had a clue which room was theirs. Because the room number was listed on one of those pieces of papers that was in the trash can. Where it belonged.

Rolly spent his time sulking in the open lobby area of the building, hoping to find some unfortunate maid or manager to sequester for directions. Until he remembered his house card, that was. He could've slapped himself for his stupidity, but Waltz was more than happy to take care of that for him.

* * *

Their next few minutes were spent prowling the hallways for any sight of room D-29. The pair scurried up the stairs wildly and raced for the door to their room, or what they assumed it had been based on the layout of the floor beneath. Their educated guess proved correct, but their frantic energy almost ripped the door away from its hinges when Rolly pulled it open and taunted Waltz with an outlandish razzberry... For Waltz to slam into him and send the both of them bowling down the hallway.

And Waltz was the one who ended up triumphant, recovering from his tumble quickly enough to bounce in through the door. Rolly tore after him with a vengeance, and was about to tackle Waltz before he realized there was another pair of occupants in the room. With no fear of retaliation due to the presence of witnesses, the Luxray grinned toothily back at his trainer before hopping up and settling on the sofa.


"Hello!" Rolly stood back up straight, ripping his hat off in an exaggerated bow that was just as childish as it was gentlemanly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mina, yes?"
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