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Hi everyone. I was looking around for hours trying to find bw or hgss style waterfall tiles. There seems to be everything but waterfall tiles out there. I ended finding a nice one, and fixed it up into RMXP format.

The pictures are attached. There are already no backgrounds so they are ready to go. I know I probably didn't put them together in the easiest way, but they work fine. If you have trouble, the picture: Top waterfall is the crest, waterfall middle is the middle, and waterfall bottom is the bottom. Simple.

Credits of to
WilliamGJ for the original tiles - required
Rayd12smitty for resizing and putting into RMXP format - would be nice

This is my first time doing something like this, let me know what you think
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top waterfall.png‎   waterfall bottom.png‎   waterfall middle.png‎  
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