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Quote originally posted by kylio_27:
"Trainers" capturing these innocent animals and enslaving them in these tiny pokeballs. Forcing them to fight one another(causing physical and psychological harm), as something a sadist would enjoy.

This whole universe promotes this terribly thoughtless philosophy.
It's a game - there are much worse games that promote many other things. If you don't like it then you don't have to play the games.

Quote originally posted by droomph:
However, when we see Pokémon battles, we see a deeper bond - take Ash and Pikachu, for example - they are friends. They do not expect money - they are doing it to grow stronger and to improve each other. When a trainer eats, his Pokémon eat. When a trainer starves, his Pokémon starve along with him. Sure, there are trainers who mistreat their Pokémon, but if everyone was to be perfect, that - no, any - world would be boring.
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