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Quote originally posted by kylio_27:
So what you're implying is that pokemon are inherently willing to lose their freedom to be prize fighters for these trainers, so fight back to test them and not to defend their freedom? Sounds like we have a pokemon apologist on our hands, folks.

But I'll humour you. Even if that were true, the universe still promotes violence, violence for entertainment. Such things shouldn't be promoted. It is a social paradigm that just reeks of hypocritical values.

Kind of like how a boxer follows a coach's instructions in order to become the best boxer. Considering they have the power to escape easily and they choose not to.

As far as violence promotion, no Pokemon die in the games, and there's no instances of children hurting their animals due to Pokemon that I know about. Do you know of any? Do you know of any dogfighters who took their inspiration from Pokemon?


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