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Originally Posted by Ravenfreak View Post
It would be awesome to play as Tails or Knuckles, in fact it'd be cool to see classic Knuckles, and classic Amy as well. I don't think the rolling physics are off, well maybe they are a tad bit. But they're not as bad as they are in Sonic 4. :\ Dimps forgot how to program in the Spin Dash because back in Sonic Advance they did it right, however they messed it up in Sonic 4. In episode 2 though you don't really need it since Sonic and Tails have their rolling combo move, but it'd still be nice to see them fix that. xP Sorry for my mini-rant other than that minor detail I enjoy Sonic 4 both ep.1 and 2. xD
Try gaining momentum by rolling down a slope. I dare you.

Also rolling in Episode 2 wasn't fixed completely. When you roll down a steep slope, it works fine. But try rolling down a slightly slanted hill...try it.

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Also the Archie Comics are doing a Sonic/Megaman crossover. But considering the lacklustre quality of the Mega Man comics and the confusing-ness of the Sonic comics, I'm not putting my hopes up.

Seriously, when I heard of a Mega Man comic, I crapped my pants. But instead of expanding on the games storyline, it was just a straightforward adaptation, with almost nothing interesting.
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