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Penance 'Defender' Malum

Penance did feel slightly relieved at the mention of there being no Sentinel, but he still had to keep on guard! There was no telling if it was a trap or not. The Sentinel could easily be hiding. Vigil gave them a farewell and then... they were gone. Penance watched as they appeared in the ambush site and a Beedrill quickly informed them of the situation. As soon as everyone feel silent and the others were waiting for him to speak, he did so.

"First, Guardia this will not be easy. Stay on a cautious mind, everyone. There is going to be some kind of trick the ancients are going to pull on us. This is a high profile prisoner, they wouldn't just have basic ancients guarding the prisoners. There could easily be a Sentinel hiding somewhere, or even the ancients could be trained. They... could be ditto." He frowned, "It would be hard to pull off, but that possibility does come to mind. Now, there is something else that can help."

He walked to the Poochyena and eyed him for a bit before and then looked over the Houndour. "Right, you two are no doubt fast. Once those ancients make a bee line for you, run as fast as you can. Oh! There can also be Aerodactyl in the skies, be prepared for that as well, so get in the trees as fast as possible." He stood up and nodded, "A tactic they could have is keeping an Aerodactyl with a Sentinel on it on standby. I remember during my past we had a plan where a Mincinno rode around on a Pidgey to get to high places. If we thought of it, the Sentinel could think of it as well. Every so often, have some of the birds scan the skies, they could be hiding in the clouds. They could use the elevation to use long range attacks on us, and we wouldn't be able to hit him or her." He cocked his head, "Apart from that, that would be all I can think of. Everyone stay safe, and be ready to retreat into the trees just in case there is a Sentinel in the clouds. Got that?"

He sighed, "Apart from that, everyone get in position. We need to start off as good as possible and have as much of an advantage as we can." He moved back into the trees and found a good spot to lean against, "Be ready for anything." He reminded them as he fell silent and just watched the area.