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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Hi, next time, if you feel offended by a post, report it. By responding you are 1) Baiting the other person so yes you want to start an argument,
2) are are being rude yourself and are not following the thread rules.

Also yes there is still a great deal of work to get shinys even with the charm. There are people in this thread that have said this.

The Charm also does not compare to the Poke Radar which lowered the Shiny Encounter rate to 1 in 200 with a chain of 40, so the charm has not made it any easier to get shinys than in the past.
Ok, will do. Thanks for telling me. I seriously wasn't trying to bait him by the way. That isn't really my thing, you know? I feel more mature than that. Sorry if my post sounded sarcastic and bait-ish because I never meant for it to sound that way.

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