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Quote originally posted by Ravenfreak:
I don't think you're going crazy, that would be a wonderful idea. I love playing as Classic Sonic, and I actually never really noticed anything wrong with his Spin dash and rolling physics. :\ However knowing sega they won't release any DLC... but we can still dream right? :V
Why have SEGA release DLC when the fans are modding the game (specifically the PC version) to do so as we speak? XD

Quote originally posted by Clucknadus:
Hey, I love Sonic! I'll join!

Username: Clucknadus
Favorite Sonic character(s): Knuckles, Blaze

I own a Sega Genesis and all the original Sonic games, and also the Sonic Rush games for DS. I want to get Sonic Generations, but... money... and the more important Pokemon games.
Welcome to the club!

Quote originally posted by Plasmette:
Yeaa, Ill just stick to my own Sonic continuity, which is the right continuity.
AKA The SEGA of Japan one.

Quote originally posted by NV:
That being "Only the first three happened"?
Specifically the one SoJ created as main canon and the West adopted since Sonic Adventure.
If you like SEGA (especially for their music, RadioSEGA is the place for you. Make sure you leave your shoes at the door we don't want no dirt up in here.

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