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Quote originally posted by Ravenfreak:
I don't think you're going crazy, that would be a wonderful idea. I love playing as Classic Sonic, and I actually never really noticed anything wrong with his Spin dash and rolling physics. :\ However knowing sega they won't release any DLC... but we can still dream right? :V

Why have SEGA release DLC when the fans are modding the game (specifically the PC version) to do so as we speak? XD

Quote originally posted by Clucknadus:
Hey, I love Sonic! I'll join!

Username: Clucknadus
Favorite Sonic character(s): Knuckles, Blaze

I own a Sega Genesis and all the original Sonic games, and also the Sonic Rush games for DS. I want to get Sonic Generations, but... money... and the more important Pokemon games.

Welcome to the club!

Quote originally posted by Plasmette:
Yeaa, Ill just stick to my own Sonic continuity, which is the right continuity.

AKA The SEGA of Japan one.

Quote originally posted by NV:
That being "Only the first three happened"?

Specifically the one SoJ created as main canon and the West adopted since Sonic Adventure.