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Quote originally posted by Arcanine:
Now here's what I'm wondering... Lapras why are you still replying to the thread? You said "give it a try when it's over.....or download the OST without watching.", and that should have been it. You just care about the music, or just want to watch it all at once. All you're doing now is putting down other series.
I'm still replying because I realised I had something else to ask, I asked it and conversation sprouted. It couldn't be helped.

Quote originally posted by Arcanine:
Putting down Index, putting down Steins;Gate, AnoHana and by the sound of it Fate/Zero. And then you go off on the ratings on MAL "Well Steins;Gate is 3rd... these people clearly don't know what the heck they're talking about. lolololololol".
Although I do enjoy laughing at those with plebeian taste in cartoons this time I was giving some personal opinion. If I offended you for not liking the same shows I am truly, deeply sorry. By the way I also recall saying I enjoyed Index despite the poor writing, as I did with Steins;Gate actually.

Quote originally posted by Arcanine:
Why do you think your opinion on things carry more weight then others? You've pointed out Steins;Gate twice in this thread, my opinion is... it should be higher up the list. You're quick to dismiss the views of others so I'm going to dismiss yours right there with your Steins;Gate views.
I value my opinion higher than that of others because it is mine, isn't that natural?

Quote originally posted by Arcanine:
And on top of that... anyone who gives this a 10/10 clearly knows what they're talking about when it comes to ratings...
I'm going to take a wild guess and presume you're not watching this. I'm only scoring it 10 because MAL won't go higher.

Also wasn't this comment somewhat childish? You're complaining at me for trying to backhandedly
Quote originally posted by Arcanine:
piss off other people who like shows such as AnoHana, Index, and Steins;Gate
And then doing exactly the same directly. It hurts that you would attack me like that. To be honest with you it would be a lot more acceptable if were a usual member but you are upper management and should be setting an example.
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