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Quote originally posted by Kenshin5:
Yeah Dragonite disobeying is pretty predictable. And I would assume this is the second battle as the first one occurred with Georgia in the prior episode with the beginning of the tournament.

Exactly, that's why they wouldn't have two Iris battles in a row. I mean I'm going to assume all the rivals are going to be there. So other than the core four. We probably will have:
  • Stephan
  • Tripp
  • Bianca
  • Georgia (Well this is confirmed lulz)
  • Burgundy

My hopes are that Marlon, New rival (hopefully but probably not Hugh) and Drayden will at least SHOW UP. To be honest though, because the Junior Cup is suppose to promote B2W2...I just want it to be a little more than another Don Battle, you know? I mean they're fun, but I mean I want something cooler and bigger.
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