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Damon Malruth
Kanto Enclave

The Linoone peeked his head up over the rocks he had been using for cover and watched as a Lucario suddenly rushed into the caves and ordered the rest of the Knights to leave. He felt his mouth go dry. That was no ordinary Lucario.... that was Caedmon Yeonart. He paled as he ducked back under his cover. "Crud, crud, crud crud..." He whispered to himself. He could hear the Lucario talking to Urta and another voice rang out. A scared one. Dammit! What was he to do!? He took in a deep breath as he got out from behind the rocks and stood up on his hind legs, "I am the leader you look for Caedmon." He said as calmly as possibly, although his tail swung behind him rather erratically.

He didn't know what the second in command of the entire order of Knights wanted here... but he wouldn't let him attack his soldiers! "Tell me what you want and then leave. I have no want for anymore bloodshed today." He said as the Mechanists that had entered the building came out and aimed their weapons right at the Knight. One wrong step and Caedmon would have hundreds of bullet going right for him... the Linoone only hoped that the bullets would find their target though...

Urta stood her ground and glared at him as she had weapon aimed right at him.
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