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*cue lights and fancy music and sexy dancers*

Eventually I will get fancy formatting, until then, deal with it!

What is this challenge you ask? Well sit right down, over-energetic PokeCommunity member, and I'll tell you!

To play through an entire Pokemon game using not 1, not 3, not 865733.4, but
TWO, count 'em, TWO Pokemon, which must should be entirely different species.

1. You may only use the two Pokemon you sign up to use. You can't say: "O, im gonna yewz Grodon 2 set up da sun eech turn, but im only yewzing my 2 pkmn". That's not the point of the challenge. Stick with the two you sign up with. NFEs are allowed! HM Slaves are also allowed, but they cannot be used in battle! if you do, you're horrible and you should feel horrible
2. Hacking and trading are expressly forbidden, except in the following cases:
a) You are using Pokemon not native to that region. (e.g. Nidoking in Ruby, Kingdra in White, etc.)
b) One or both of your Pokemon cannot be obtained reasonably quickly (i.e prior to 1st/2nd gym).
c) You want egg moves.
If one of these cases apply, then: you are allowed to hack the most basic form of the Pokemon in @ level 5, or trade over an egg.
3) The object is:
-GRBYFRLG- Obtain 8 Badges, Defeat [insert rival's name here].
-GSCHGSS- Obtain 16 Badges, Defeat the Elite Four and Red.
-RSE- Obtain 8 Badges, Defeat Steven.
-DPPt- Obtain 8 Badges, Defeat Cynthia.
-BWB2W2- Obtain 8 Badges, Defeat Alder/Iris. (Not too sure about B2W2, idk if you can defeat Iris right away)
4) You may sign up for either a single or ultimate challenge! A single challenge is one region and one game. The ultimate challenge requires using the same two pokemon in all five regions! (You may substitute remakes like FRLGHGSS for their original counterparts, if you'd like more selection.)
5) No legendaries. Cause then there would be no challenge, amirite?
6) Have fun.
7) Optional: Post screenshots of your progress if you are able! Text updates are no big deal, but it's always fun to see your pics. PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN !!!1!!1
8) You may play a hack. However, it can't be anything more than a generic 151/251/386/493/649 hack, because then it will be out of control.

Now if you're really paying attention, put the word "shucks" in your entry, and you'll get a gold star next to your name and acceptance into the challenge.

So you've read through all that jargon and you're still here? GOOD FOR YOU! You'll finally find out how to sign up!


That's for you Sydian, enjoy your seed bby

Name: (Username on PC)/(Username In-Game)
Version: (Version of Choice) If this is a hack, please say both the hack name and the ROM base, it will save me tons of trouble.
Pokemon: (Pokemon 1)/(Pokemon 2) Hey there, Nickel again. POST THE FINAL EVOLUTION OF THE POKEMON OF CHOICE HERE PLEASE. If you don't I'll think you're doing your run with an NFE, which would be incorrect.

Here's mine:
Name: thenickel09/Devo
Version: Ruby
Pokemon: Tentacruel/Solrock

Single Challengers:






Ultimate Challengers:

Single Champions:


thenickel09-[Gardevoir/Nidoking], [Kabutops/Ninetales], [Venusaur/Banette]-Ruby



Ultimate Champions:

And now its time for Challenge-ception!
This section is where I'm gonna post specific Duo-Species runs. Take them on if you wish! They are entirely optional. But you will (eventually) get a special userbar, once I figure out how to make them/get someone to do them for me because I'm lazy!

#1) Nickel's Historic Challenge
Game: Ruby
Pokemon: and
This run is "historic" because it was the first ever DSC (and challenge in general, that I ever completed) and I want some of you to share the wealth.


Syddy's Special
Game: Black/White/Black 2/White 2
Pokemon: and
Hey, this is Sydian's Special Challenge, for all you adventurous nubs out there! No evolving Petilil!

Masters of the Seed Bby:

#3)Utterly Useless
Game: Gold/Silver/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver
Pokemon: and
This run is just utterly "corny", but maybe something like this will "sparce" your challenge appetite.

Useless Victors:

Good luck to all of you!
Completed Challenges:
Duo-Species Challenge
Nidoking/Gardevoir, Ninetales/Kabutops, / (Ruby)

Syddy Claus' Challenge
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