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Route 206

Riding Lucy's Shoulders


Yula, Amethyst

Amy's climb up Mt. Lucy caused a sound of air compression. Amethyst felt a bit self-conscious, wondering to herself if maybe she weighed a little too much. It seemed unlikely, since she hadn't eaten recently and wasn't very big to begin with.

"It's not a big deal..." came a voice from below, causing Amethyst to lean forward slightly to look down at Lucy. She sounded like she was having a bit of difficulty with it, yet she seemed fairly determined. "Just make sure you don't fall off, alright?"

Amy let out a subtle noise of "Mm" to show that she had heard, with a gentle nod of her head. She began to watch the scenery pass, as soon they were out of the dusty old town and out in the open, with a depressing lack of nature compared to her memories of the past. Quite honestly, everything seemed dull and sad in this world. Amethyst kept herself optimistic. At least I have a friend now...

Hey, I thought I was--

Can it, Blade. You were my friend, but ever since I got here all you've done is point out my faults and treat me like a child! Along this trip, it could become increasingly obvious that Amy was getting annoyed. Not only by her expression, but also by her movements and gestures, her body tensing, and her agitated mutters, things like "Stupid Blade," and "Shut up", all of which are spoken in light breaths.

After some ways away, Lucy finally spoke up, asking "So... where did you say you were from again?"

Amethyst paused for a moment. Father is infamous here... I can't bring that up... But I like this girl, and if I don't tell her anything she'll hate me or not trust me... But if she knows she'll abandon me... After an unnatural amount of silence, Amy finally spoke up. "I came here from the past... My parents sent me away..." Her voice trembled slightly as she continued, "I don't even know why... I wasn't bad, I didn't do anything wrong, but they sent me here... No place to go, no food or water, no way to defend myself..." She paused for a few moments with a deep exhale. "You know that mountain where the spirits are? Our house used to be near there... In a nice quiet neighborhood... Maybe that place still exists... I never tried looking..."

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