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So all that was left were Mark, Danielle and Lusca. All of which were more than likely awestruck at the scene. Well, maybe Mark was an exception, since he definitely just spoke up in protest of Isa's irrelevant speech. Lusca on the other hand, really didn't know what to feel.

He thought it'd be better to act like Danielle, his classmate and hopefully a student he could come to befriend. Up until the point where Issac completely ruined their dinners, Lusca really had begun to like the three students he'd met.

Danielle had warmed on him due to her humanitarian deed to try and help him out. Lucia and her eagerness to welcome Lusca in the group was very generous, and Mark was also open to the idea and he wasn't even in the same dorm. Hopefully he'd run into at least one of them again tomorrow, Lusca definitely needed friends like these in his circle.

Why was Issac tearing such an awkward hole in his train of thought though? He was rude, obnoxious, and just down right chauvinistic. Who was he to say Pokemon were just tools that we overuse? Apparently, he wasn't using his Pokemon any better! The thought angered Lusca again. He'd made a mental note to keep Isaac's name in a book, and to look up a few details about his Pokemon, should the day come he'd ever need it.

Lucia sadly ran out in a fit, and (after more unnecessary additions to his meager speech), so did Issac. Lusca couldn't really tell if it was an awkward situation NOW, or before when Issac riled everyone up. Whatever the case, Lusca just wanted everything to settle, and hopefully it would now. He was just a little upset his fellow classmate had to leave before Danielle had showed him to the dormitories.

He turned to Danielle and Mark, frowning as he spoke. "... I guess we may as well head out too then, huh?"

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