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Ooh a question I can answer! I'm not going to name them for all three games, I'm going to stick with Brawl

1) Sheik - ever since Melee she has been my favourite character. She's fast, agile and I've learned her moveset so well that it's like her moveset has learned me. We are one! Zelda is included in this to a lesser extent.

2) Fox - another one who is fast and really fun to play. I find his super speed attack especially handy.

3) Pikachu - probably the fastest character in the game (yes, yes, I can see the theme too). I've actually found the most success I've ever had in-game with Pikachu (outside of Sheik of course), because its Thunder attack is probably the most handy spam attack in the entire game.

4) Lucas - this guy is just so much goddamn fun. I love all his powers and I love that he is basically a powered-up version of Ness. Ness is good too, and a little faster, but Lucas is way more fun because I can practically feel the power emanating from him.

5) Diddy Kong - he's just so effortlessly amazing and fun. He's probably my third most successful character behind Pikachu and Sheik because he just sorta fights all over the opponent, if that makes any sense haha.

HONORABLE MENTION (and yes this category is just a way for me to cheat and sneak six in even though you said five): Zero Suit Samus - pretty much for all the same reasons I've given for everybody else lol. Tons of fun.

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