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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
1) Sheik - ever since Melee she has been my favourite character. She's fast, agile and I've learned her moveset so well that it's like her moveset has learned me. We are one! Zelda is included in this to a lesser extent.

3) Pikachu - probably the fastest character in the game (yes, yes, I can see the theme too). I've actually found the most success I've ever had in-game with Pikachu (outside of Sheik of course), because its Thunder attack is probably the most handy spam attack in the entire game.

4) Lucas - this guy is just so much goddamn fun. I love all his powers and I love that he is basically a powered-up version of Ness. Ness is good too, and a little faster, but Lucas is way more fun because I can practically feel the power emanating from him.

HONORABLE MENTION (and yes this category is just a way for me to cheat and sneak six in even though you said five): Zero Suit Samus - pretty much for all the same reasons I've given for everybody else lol. Tons of fun.
So you're also gunning for speed too right? :D lol The fastest (In case you didn't know, I'm a NASCAR fan, I like to go fast as well!) are the most entertaining to control! That's why it was a bit frustrating and difficult at first to transit to Brawl for me, now I've gotten used to it. I've been using Zero Suit Samus. Man is she fun! I like her better than her suit form, definitely. Speaking of Pikachu, I use him quite a bit (& Yoshi, of course) in Subspace but I never bother using them in Brawl. I should probably give them some playtime, don't you think? lol

So I got a strange image. SR=Shining Raichu, Sheik user. SR=Sector Revenge, Zelda user. xD The reason I don't use Sheik is because...well...I feel a lot comfortable using Zelda. I just like her movepool way better as it seems.

And I'm going through with everyone in All-Star. King Dedede is actually not that bad to be honest. So I'd have to switch sides with Spino on this one, sorry Andy :X I actually liked using him back in Kirby 64: Crystal Shards. His hammer is just like a tank coming at you hard. I must have forgotten how awesome he is. I certainly like him a lot better than Meta Knight though, don't get me wrong, I can see why people like him (My nephew is like obsessed, Meta Knight is all he uses), but King Dedede would screw him up

I like Lucas a lot better than Ness. Hands down.

Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post

I'd love Lyn, because...
she's back

But replacing Ike? Nawww. I could see Krom replacing him, but not Lyn.
Speaking of Fire Emblem, I played The Sacred Stones on my 3DS and wouldn't mind seeing Eiphraim and Eirika as characters.
My problem with Krystal is the...ugh furries.

Is it wrong that I took many screenshots of Lyn, Peach & Zelda? I have about 55 photos of 'em :X They're doing their modeling in Brawl LOL

Anyway, furries? haha How so? xD But imagine how interesting her character would be overall, ignoring the furry part. Her staff is amazing when Fox used it, I don't remember all the moves, but I know Down + B would be the shield for certain the staff did. Can't remember if that deflected things but that'd be hers.

What I was saying a while ago about adding more characters from each series was because there are 4 Zelda characters, 4 Mario characters (The Mushroom Emblems anyway, excluding Yoshi), 4 Pokemon, etc. I think it should be fair for the others who only has 2 or 3 and the 3rd Party characters are 3rd Party for a reason, you know?

Like I really looked and here's what my dream came up to be xD: 4 FE (Lyn and whoever else you want, I guess, since they have a crap load of characters), 4 Kirby characters (That kid who painted in Crystal Shards?), 4 Star Fox characters (Who better than Krystal?), 4 Earthbound (Idk much about this game but..Paula, as one? Jeff?), Sonic can have Shadow, Dr. Eggman and Knuckles? (I think they should have Sonic and Tails together, or switch like how Pokemon Trainer does it or be like the Ice Climbers to have a sidekick.) Or Eggman can be a new boss and we can add Blaze the Cat or Silver or Amy or Jet or, and Dixie Kong and Lanky/Crunky Kong? King K Rool would be better as a boss. You can have WarioWare's character has the two girls from the assist trophy (don't remember the names) and Waluigi (Since he's Wario's brother, he'd have his emblem anyway) and whoever would be a good 4th. I was lazy to type all this up before so yeah, I know it may seem to much for one game but how cool would that be, really, to extend their limitations like that? Of course we'd need more 3rd party characters if Wario/Sonic were ever headed in that direction with their friends, like let's say Megaman, Isaac(Assist Trophy), Spyro and a couple others. The PS3 version of all this or not, Spyro could be in both, who knows right? lol Look how Captain Falcon is under the Star Fox crew and Captain Olimar is under the Kirby crew for example. As organize as all this is, I think it'd be well worth the attraction for the audience if they did it this way, to be neatly done.

OH YEAH! Instead of holding R every time, have Zero Suit Samus be on screen with Samus on the selection screen like how Zelda/Sheik are. That's a neat thing also.

Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post

Dedede...worse than Bowser? No way. lol Dedede is actually really good.
You're all probably just playing him wrong.
I answered this above about King Dedede replying to Andy's post..I just didn't give him much effort in using him :X

Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post

4. Captain Olimar (He'd probably be higher, but if he wasn't so light and difficult he'd definitely be my main again.)
3. Captain Falcon (I main him in Melee, but he just sucks in Brawl. Still use him.)
2. Snake (I thought Smash didn't have any pure zoning characters like other fighting games. When I tried Snake, I was glad to be wrong. He reminds me of Phoenix Wright in UMvC3, who I main, but actually heavier, a lot less gimmicky, more viable, stronger and doesn't suck overall. I just love defensive playstyles, and zoning. I know other people hate it, but I personally enjoy planting bombs on platforms while being on the other side throwing grenades when the other can barely approach me. When he does, it's either the bombs hitting him, or if he has high %, kill him when he approaches me. He's not a character for people who hate camping and only like to get in, but he's a character for me.)
1. Wario (Obvious. Though I only recently mained him. I always liked him, but I started using him more after playing Wario Land 4 again and giving Warioware another chance, and there I realized I was playing him wrong for the whole time. I thought he was a ground fighter, but he's actually an aerial one. I thought he was limited, but he has so much options. I thought his moves were weird and not that good, but he actually has few sucky moves. I thought he wasn't as fun as other characters, but he was after playing him the way he should be played.)

2. Dr. Mario (He's Mario on crack. What else do I need to say?)
1. Captain Falcon (Fast, strong and manly. He's just so stylish, and winning with him feels so rewarding. Definitely my character in Melee.)

...Yeah I only use these two in Melee lol.
Tell me again why I knew Wario was your favorite before reading your answers to this topic? xD haha

I'm surprised to even know someone who uses Snake. Guess he got his love by someone. :X As for Captain Falcon, he just pretty much died in character in Brawl. I feel bad for him to be honest. I actually like him, but not enough to choose him over many others though. Hopefully the next SSB game can help him much better like Melee did. Captain Olimar however, is an interesting character, but his taunts are BORING! He's got the most boring taunts of 'em all. I never played Pikmin so I don't know exactly what his games are about.