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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Ooh a question I can answer! I'm not going to name them for all three games, I'm going to stick with Brawl :P
See above. x] I actually have 6 favourites, so I'm going to follow in Andy's footsteps and add an honourable mention. ;p

1) Kirby! It just has to be. Kirby is incredible for building up the enemy's damage so you can float up into the sky and drop down on them causing them to fly some incredible distance. Plus Kirby's floating ability makes it really easy to dodge attacks and stay on the map when you're knocked away, and his sucking power is really fun to use. Especially when you take in someone like Link and come out looking adorable. x] Unfortunately Kirby's finisher move is pretty poor though, so that's one flaw.

2) Marth! Marth is just brilliant. His attacks are quick and strong, as well as being great for intercepting an enemy's moves. His finisher attack is very powerful and easy to hit with, he looks cool, and his counter attack option is also very useful. It's just a shame he doesn't have a better recovery move or he'd probably be my most used character. He's about tied with Kirby right now, but I tend to do much better with the pink blob. :3

3) Link. I'm kind of biased since I adore Link, but he's a really good fighter too. His bow and boomerang are incredibly quick and are great for cancelling an enemy's moves, along with some useful bombs and a great spin attack, all of which make him a very good fighter. His normal attacks are strong with some pretty good knock back and he doesn't get thrown around too much, and his finisher move is utterly amazing. Unfortunately he seems to rack up damage pretty quickly and doesn't always last as long as he should do in battles, which is probably my fault, be he's still one of my main characters. Also his clawshot omg <3

4) Falco. Falco's not really a very interesting character, but he's incredibly good at brawling. He's very fast, has a great range of attacks, has a respectable amount of power, can hit up close or from a distance, and has somewhat decent recovery. His only downfalls are that he doesn't have great recovery, although it is decent as I said before, and he's just not that interesting to use. I'm also not a fan of his finisher move because I'm pretty shocking at using the huge tank thing, but most of the maps I use him on don't have the finisher orbs anyway. x]

5) Ike - My old main character to use. He's incredibly strong with some very powerful knock back moves. He has the counter attack for down + B, combined with a surprisingly quick normal attack and some very strong moves, so he can easily knock out most competitors he comes up against. His only problem I've found is dealing with fast enemies; he really falls down here. He also has incredibly poor recovery moves. D:

Honourable mention: Mr Game & Watch. I really enjoy using this character, plus he's really good to brawl with. His attacks at powerful, he's great at staying on the map, and he has very interesting moves to use. For example the move 'Judge' where it chooses a random effect each time; that move is incredibly fun to use, especially in tense battles. x] I have a lot of success when using him and he looks amazing too; the only thing stopping him reaching the top 5 is that I haven't been using him for long yet. xP

Also I must agree with y'all, Zero Suit Samus is a lot of fun to use. :3

Now hopefully I won't forget this place exists again. ;w;
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