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Welcome all to the Team Rocket Challenge, originally created by TR-Giovanni.
As the name may suggest, you basically play your game(s) while acting like a Team Rocket member would.


-Aside from your starter, you are limited in the types of Pokemon you can normally use: Poison, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Ground, and certain Normal-types. (Rattata or that region's equivalent, Meowth, Lickitung and Kangaskhan)
-Although being Psychic-Types, both Wynaut and Wobbuffet are allowed to be used.
-Optional: If you have a cheating device, you can use Pokemon outside those types if they have been captured from another Trainer. If you lose with a stolen Pokemon in your team or in the PC, it has been "freed" and you must release it. You can only steal the last Pokemon from a Gym Leader or other important character, including the Rival(s). Also, stolen Pokemon are allowed to be evolved.
-You cannot leave an area until all accessible Trainers there have been defeated.
-If you're playing a Gen I or II game or remake avoid battles with Team Rocket as much as possible. However, if you're playing a Gen III or later game (apart from FR/LG/HG/SS), crush the enemy team completely.
-Trading is allowed with other people taking the Team Rocket Challenge.
-Your mission is completed when you have captured all the legendary Pokemon of that region, for the glory of Team Rocket!
-Pokemon given to you are counted as Pokemon that have been stolen. This means that if you are given a Pokemon, then you lose a battle, that Pokemon must be released.

Emulators are allowed, including the use of the speed button.
Fan-made games are allowed also.
As with many other challenges, HM Slaves are available to be used, but a maximum of two. This means that your other Pokemon may need to learn HM moves.
In-game trades are allowed (e.g. G/S/C/HG/SS Violet City give kid a Bellsprout for an Onix).

Basically, the Ultimate Challenge is where you play a game from each region. This means: R/B/Y/FR/LG, G/S/C/HG/SS, R/S/E, D/P/Pt, B/W/B2/W2.
Note that if you do decide to do the Ultimate Challenge, you can play the games in any order.


Username/Trainer Name:

So mine would be:

Username/Trainer Name: Seraphimon-sama/Takuya
Ultimate: Yes
Game(s): FireRed, Storm Silver, Expert Emerald, Sol Platinum, Black 2


personz5 - Fire Red
Rafael P - Yellow
Myrrhman - Red
ChaoticLapras - Red
Spyrover - Yellow

Spyrover - Gold

Charlie Brown - Ruby
Spyrover - Emerald
Lunacrest - Sapphire

MrRocket515 - Platinum

Zagan - White

Fan-made Games

Seraphimon-sama (FireRed, Storm Silver, Expert Emerald, Sol Platinum, Black 2)
codylynn94 (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, White)
DarkChibimon (Fire Red, Heart Gold, Emerald, Platinum, Black)
GoldMoonWizard (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, White)

TR-Giovanni (Pearl)


EDIT: I just realised that I am going to have a lot of trouble with Storm Silver because all Pokemon are available in-game and to catch the Original One, I need to have caught all other Pokemon first.
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