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George Edmunds

George smiled at the boys passion and peered at the cover of the book.

"Ah! I thought I knew this tale. Mum would tell me stories of legendary pokemon like that when i was younger."

He paused as he stared into the distance, lost in a memory. George quickly snapped back to reality.

"I dont think we have anything to worry about though. She would always tell me that the two, although locked in battle long ago, now slumber waiting for the end of days where they will do battle once again or until they are awakened."

He sighed and was trying to gauge just how deeply the other boy wanted to go into the subject. George decided to go for it. His pokemon were a long way off finishing their food anyway.

"My mother conducted some research into the subject when i was younger. Hence the stories i guess. She would always say: "Nature provides a story much more fascinating than those of man"."

George went a little red at the regurgitation of the quote from his mother.

"Basically the two pokemon are perfect matches. Equal in power. A great parallel to the balance of all nature if you want to read something into it. With Rayquaza, the pokemon of the atmosphere, as a mediator we have nothing to fear."

George smiled and reached around the tree for his bag of food.

"Sorry i dont mean to bore you. I just cant control myself when i start talking about such things. Would you like anything to eat?"

He pulled two boxes of piping hot ramen from the bag and offered one to the boy.

"I bought two to make up for completely missing lunch. But you're welcome to it. I can find something else back at the academy later. Oh i have a spare pack of pokemon food as well if yours are hungry."
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