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Originally Posted by HaydenSane View Post
Okay. I know how to edit scripts that are already there. And usually if there are already enough scripts, I'm fine. But I'm not sure, in AdvanceMap, how to add a totally new script. For example, I increase the number of signposts, and set the X and Y coordinates to where I want them to be. But then what? I looked through the tutorials but didn't see one that explained how to create an entirely new script at a new point. I get the concept of the dynamic offsets, but not how to point AdvanceMap at one.

Sorry if I'm rambling or not making sense.
You need a scripting tool, such as XSE, which will compile your script to a ROM and give you an offset to then put into A-Map ;D.

XSE can be found in the toolbox, under Hackmew's Tools.