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Julius glanced at Vibrava, who shook its head.

"No thanks." Julius replied. "I have no appetite and Vibrava doesn't seem to want to eat anything. If you skipped lunch, you should probably eat. We tend to eat more organic foods anyways."

As Julius said this, he pointed upward toward the tree behind him to divert George's attention. George jumped in surprise as the tree shifted and turned its face toward him, smiling gently. The entire tree was alive! There were fruits that looked like banana hanging from it's chin, which was probably what Julius was alluding to.

"W-What is that?" George asked in awe.

"This is Tropius, my only real means of flight. The fruit hanging from his chin is delicious, if you want you can have some."

Julius frowned as he opened the book once more to the page he'd left off on, where the picture of the colliding elements remained. "I see what you mean by being in equal balance--that is how nature keeps itself in check. Perhaps I'm being a bit overzealous in thinking about what would happen if that balance were really destroyed...Or what would happen if such mythical pokemon truly existed..."

Julius said the last part mostly to himself, his eyes shining once again with his passion, though it was more subdued than before.
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