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Originally Posted by Supervegeta View Post
First off, welcome back to Red. Good to see you around. And if you leave without my permission again, I will bust out my shotgun

Second, welcome to the new arrivals. Hope you have fun here. Be sure to stop by and worship me, I basically rule this place. Ok, maybe not exactly, but I am the best RPer here. Either way, I'm awesome. Every Sunday is worship Supervegeta day. Newly adopted. Everyone follows, even if they don't know it. If you need any assistance with anything, ask around here, or send me a VM or PM and I can assist. For a Price
Well, if it isn't our friendly neighborhood psychopath! How's that God Complex coming along?


I never read Eragon so I have no input into that conversation.

I'd like to restate that my RP Sacred Fire / Divine Water could use some players!