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Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
Are you trying all characters right now? Juuuuuust askin'
Because I have a recommendation, you could say. Ahem.
What's the recommendation? lol

I was just using Yoshi and I don't see what's so bad about him. His rolling egg attack is easy, you just have to know how to lead its movement.

Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
Kat & Ana together spells Katana, the weapon ninjas use.

Well it depends really. Do you want a platformer that really screams exploring the level instead of rushing through it? Or a fast-paced minigame collection based on reaction that emphasizes on scores? Or both, since they're really great games. Of course I doubt anyone here bar myself will actually play all of them.
That's cool how they named the two like that xD It depends on how into I'm in the game. Like Fallout, I'd take my time and explore. Brawl I just like to rush through (Subspace, meaning) it all rather than look for secrets and come back for 'em later. So yeah..

Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
Two so far, with Pikmin 3 being a launch window release for the Wii U.
Not sure how soon I'd be quick on getting the Wii U, but I'll be sure to add that to my wanted list
Originally Posted by SeekerOfDarkness View Post
My top favorite characters (Brawl only):

4. Lucario
3. Marth
2. Link
1. Ike
So we've got another swordsmen person here :D With that being said, can I ask, what do you think about Toon Link & Pit? Meta Knight?

Originally Posted by Breeze Wind Dragon God View Post
Super smash bros brawl... of course everyone knows i use Charizard i wouldnt be a dragon god if i didn't... sometimes i use Bowser though.
So if you're a Dragon God, how many times have you captured Rayquaza in Subspace Emissary? Ridley? Meta Ridley? I LOVE Meta Ridley, fun to fight.