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George Edmunds

George smiled.

"Believe me if i had the choice i would eat something better than Ramen but unfortunately it was the last place open and I decided against the cafeteria tonight. I usually mix my own pokemon food as well but they are happy to eat store bought food for one night." He gestured to his three pokemon as he said this.

After the tree revealed itself to be a tropius and once George had gotten over his surprise he said:
"Ah, I have only seen Tropius in books. They are native to the Hoenn region are they not? I havent been there since i was very small. It was on one of my mothers trips to study the elemental trio we were just talking about i believe, but i could be mistaken. It was a long time ago."

He put his ramen down and reached for a fruit.
"If you dont mind and he doesnt mind then i would love to try some."

He gently grabbed a fruit and sat back down."Oh and the pokemon could exist. It seems the line between myth, legend and truth is blurring more and more these days."

George opened the fruit and gave a piece to each of his three pokemon before consuming the last bit himself.

"It is delicious! Thank you Tropius and thank you...uh... sorry i didnt catch your name."

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