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Ok since I'm the one who created the challenge on this forum, I might as well post my first update for it.

-Got Pikachu from Oak
-Fried Duskmon's Eevee
-Pikachu learned Tail Whip
NB: Duskmon is my Rival.
-Pikachu learned Thunder Wave
-Got to Viridian City
-Received Oak's Parcel
-Delivered Oak's Parcel and got Pokedex
-Received Town Map
-Bought some Pokeballs
-Caught Nidoran (M, Lv. 4)
-Zapped Duskmon's Spearow and Eevee
-Stole a Nidoran (F, Lv. 6) from a Lass in the Viridian Forest
-Pikachu learned Quick Attack
-Beat all Trainers in Viridian Forest
-Got to Pewter City
-Healed team then trained up outside Pewter
-Caught Rattata (Lv. 3)
-Male Nidoran learned Horn Attack
-Defeated Jr. Trainer in Pewter Gym
-M-Nidoran (Male Nidoran) learned Double Kick
-Beat Brock and got TM34 Bide
-Stole Ekans from a Youngster in Route 3
-M-Nidoran evolved into Nidorino
-Route 3 completed
-Nidorino learned Water Gun
-Nidorino learned Poison Sting
-Nidorino evolved into Nidoking
-Nidoking learned Mega Punch
-Obtained Dome Fossil
-Beat Team Rocket's Ekans and Meowth and stole their Koffing
-Mt. Moon completed
-Arrived in Cerulean City
-Deposited F-Nidoran and Ekans into the PC
-Defeated both Gym Trainers in the Cerulean Gym
-Saved progress for now


In Team
Pikachu Lv.14 Thundershock, Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave
Nidoking Lv.22 Poison Sting, Mega Punch, Horn Attack, Double Kick
Rattata Lv.3 Tackle, Tail Whip
Koffing Lv.14 Tackle, Smog

F-Nidoran Lv.7 Growl, Tackle
Ekans Lv.11 Wrap, Leer, Poison Sting
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