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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Professional Wrestling Fanclub (PWF!). This club is open to anyone and everyone who enjoys watching professional wrestling, be it the top names (World Wrestling Entertainment, Impact!) to the lesser, but still great buisnesses such as Ring of Honor and Chikara(okay, the last one's questionable).

I'm your main man Dipu, and I'll be making sure things run smoothly here. I'll be doing a bunch of little things here if we get enough people, such as question of the week, PPV coverage, and the like. I'll also provide links to site such as, simply cause I've been a follower of Big Johnny for ages now (John Canton, the guy who "owns" the site", not Johnny Ace)

I wanna join! How do I join?

I admire your enthusiasm. You wanna join? Simply answer the following questionnaire, and if it's good, you're in!

Entry Questionnare:
-What wrestling business do you watch most?
-Who is your favorite wrestler?
-What is your favorite finisher (include the person(s) who uses it!)
-Favorite match?

What goes on in this club?

Good question! As I said earlier, there shall be PPV coverage, and perhaps coverage of the regular show as well. Definitely a recap and personal though bit. Also, if we get more people, I'll assign people to follow a certain show (Raw, Smackdown, Impact, etc). Personally, I'm more of a WWE follower, though I MIGHT watch TNA again just cause Awesome Aries got the title at Destination X.

Aside from coverage, I'll also be posting news that I obtain from different sites. Warning: I probably will not post anything Twitter related. Such as that whole Scott Steiner fiasco. It bores me to tears. Sorry!

I'll also post a question of the week every Saturday. For fun, of course.

Other tidbits might present themselves in the weeks to follow as I get this thing up and running. But for now, this is what we'll deal with. Cheers!

-Bloodex[Dipu] (Main club moderator, as of 7/14/12, in charge of... everything)
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