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Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
Cool ! New screens ! ( though i didn't know that WesleyFG requires payment for custom tiles) If you are still intressed about tiles you can check wahackpokemon ( Spanish site bit it has a translation feature ) it has some great tilesets ! Otherwise you can use Ruby/ Sapphire tiles ( why people hate them ?) xD
Didn't find any that really interested me, I'll keep looking though. But until I find one, sticking to FR tiles (not really a fan of R/S tiles haha xP)

Originally Posted by SacredMurathJohn View Post
According to the SS, you have small grammar mistakes. Like "You are headed to the woods?"
I recommend to fix them.
I'll be doing a complete grammar check when beta testing is done, but thanks for pointing that out haha.

Also, the OP has been updated guys, go check it out :D

Daydream White version

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