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Past Winners allowing to participate
Yes! Do it, it'll definitely spark a flame and rekindle the competition. In tandem with the theme restraint, it'll make for some competition that I feel is fair. As for a possbile prize, why not both the right to determine the theme of the next competition? Obviously have the person run it by the mods, but I feel that's a neat prize. As for personal merit, seeing as the emblem's already there, I have two options. The first is a little big, and I dunno if it'd be possible. But possible have your username decorated fancy, or colored fancy, something of the sort? Perhaps have an emblem in tandem of that. But I feel it goes with the who PPC feel. My second idea really only works for non PC Supporters, I just realized. But have them obtain the benefits the PCSs have? (I believe it was a background, or something... I forget). As for current PC Supporters, perhaps... something. I'll have to get back on this.

One mandatory prize (look at me, being all bossy) would be a a Hall of Fame of sorts. We all need our egos fed. The winners names should go down in history, and this is the best way to do it!

Possible Themes for the contests

Like I said earlier, I'm totally down for themes. You can really do a lot, and capture emotions, you know? The possibilities are endless. Pokemon related ones can be "types". Hell, the host (and helpers?) can be creative and randomly assign a contestant a particular type he'll have to try to recreate with his profile. Of course, close management will be needed, but it CAN be pulled off! As for non-Pokemon themes, that's not that hard either. You can try an idea similar to one I just said, assigning themes. A little harder, but possible. Have a general topic, and distribute. Seasons is an easy one, have that as the theme, and randomly assign one of the four seasons. Try to distribute them evenly, and obviously there HAS to be repeated themes. Wouldn't be a contest that way.

Timespan between each contest

Timespan BETWEEN contesests: 3 months. It's worked before, I feel like it could work again. But extending it to 4 or even 5 wont be too bad. It'd raise the prestige of the contest.

As for timespan OF the contest: 1 month. I feel like that's fair. 2 weeks for entry, and two for votes. Very lenient, no?


Given that I was a trailblazer for this contest, I feel like I must volunteer. And I will!