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Lucy - Route 206 --> Oreburgh Ruins
Lucy had no memory of a past life where the world had been better. It helped her cope. For Amethyst however the world may very well seem... haunting. It was empty and quiet... as if all life just up and left one day. The sound of wind blowing through the trees was one's only comfort.... unless they had a friend. Lucy was used to it. It honestly didn't bother her as much. The empty homes of pokemon long gone, the ruined buildings that had once housed a much kinder society of people, driven from the world by conflict. It meant nothing to her, because she'd never known anything else. And yet... despite the fact that Amethyst may have no idea of the horrible crimes that had been committed in the name of life or death upon the grounds they stood, the lingering energies may very subtley nibble at the corners of her consciousness, hinting at something more than meets the eye...

Lucy attempted to glance up at Amethyst as the other leaned over her head, though her awkward position made this slightly difficult. What a strange little girl... Amethyst's culture was long gone in the world, and so Lucy had never really observed anyone... /like/ this before. A rather frustrated look came across her face all of a sudden, perhaps at something Amethyst had said. Her parents had deliberately sent her /here/? From the past?! Now what kind of sense did that make? That seemed awfully cruel to her. She may have been used to living life here, but that didn't change the fact that it objectively /sucked/.


She didn't even know what to say to that. Amethyst apparently didn't know anymore than she did. For the moment she had something else she wanted to address. Lucy pointed off into the distance at the silhouette of a mountain range.

"We'll be going through there on our way to Children's City. We can stop and see!"

Lucy continued moving, though an odd sound came to her ears. What was that sound? Was that--Lucy abruptly turned, spotting a group of adults crowding around something or someone hidden from view. Lucy frowned. What made them group that closely?.. As she thought about it, she got this sinking feeling she had an idea. When she spoke, her tone was somewhat serious in contrast with it's usual light-heartedness.

"Amethyst, hold on tight... Someone's in trouble."

As if not completely trusting Amethyst not to fall off on her own Lucy reached up and lightly gripped Amethsyt's lower back. In a moment Amethyst would find out why. Lucy proceeded to abruptly break out in a full on run! The ride instantly became rather bumpy and one could only assume having a passenger made this a more difficult feat for her. Yet, she managed. As the adults crowded around Creed their attention would abruptly be diverted by the sound of one of their own crying out as Lucy literally knocked them over and totally stepped on their face as she bounded into the crowd, powerfully shoving several more people much larger than herself out of the way. It didn't seem to slow her down all that much, and the impacts were hard enough that the adults honestly just... stayed down, quite possibly hurt. This didn't seem to deter Lucy as she rushed into the center of the crowd, lifting a single leg and literally kicking Creed onto his back! Yet, Creed was a pokespirit wielder and the attack didn't seem to be backed with a great deal of power. He might be a bit sore, at worst. The move seemed to take the breath out of her, given her passenger, yet she wasn't done yet. Moving over to place said foot on a fallen Creed to keep him from trying to get up she abruptly began to glow with an icey blue energy.

What proceeded to happen would either scare or amaze Amethyst, depending on how much sympathy she had for the adults around her. Blasts of similar colored energy shot out of Lucy's body in every direction, accompanied by a shockwave of sorts, ripping into the crowd and immediately incapacitating a good fourty percent of the humans around her. Both creed and Amethyst were spared, Amethyst being too high and Creed being too low to be hit by the attack. It all happened in a matter of seconds.

Several of the adults that had avoided the attacked screamed, all of them immediately dispersing, running for their lives. A distraught fallen man begged for his life and Lucy merely glanced at him briefly. She had no desire to spite him. She turned her attention to the boy she'd just assaulted, briefly smiling down at him before removing her foot from him. Yet, as she finally got the time to get a better look at him she noticed something. He already had a pokespirit. ...Huh.

"Hey... You look a little strong to be being rescued from them, don't you think?"

This time her tone was somewhat joking. A smaller girl, perhaps seven years old, sat upon Lucy's shoulders. Amethyst was also a pokespirit wielder, from the looks of things.

Hailey and Arcea - Children's City
Arcea remained quiet after having been scolded. Of course, she'd actually been talking about the children. Nobody could've known that, though. Only Arcea knew the extent to which Hailey wished to purge that city, and she knew Hailey had no intention of revealing that, lest she lose her chance.

Arcea nodded politely to Dominick when they were introduced to him and Hailey simply acknowledged his presence with her eyes. One might be tempted to ask why the two traveled together. As Dominick healed them he too might notice the contrast. Arcea was much more expressive of her thanks, letting out a sigh of relief and tenderly testing out her previously injured leg in a testy manner as it stabilized itself.

Arcea: "Ooh... that's much better. Thank you very much."

Meanwhile, Hailey continued to simply acknowledge him with her attention, closing her eyes as the healing took place as if overcome by something akin to a feeling of relaxation. It was nice to not be dying, y'know. Even she could appreciate that feeling, even if she wasn't overly expressive about it. Hailey's brow narrowed a bit as Tim divulged his plan. Guerrilla tactics?! GUERRILLA TACTICS?! It was immediately apparent she didn't like the plan based on her expression.

Hailey: "...I don't think that'll work. They won't be afraid enough to evacuate if we hide. When Nicholas freed this town he went in alone, in broad daylight and simply went berserk, killing as many as he could until there all had either fled or perished."

She paused a moment. Huh, apparently she knew a bit about the history of Children's City.

Hailey: "I've got a better idea than that though."

Hailey turned her gaze into the distance.

Hailey: "We head to the outskirts of the city. Any of you that know any method of powering yourself up, use them there. If you trust me, we'll liberate the city today."

Arcea looked very skeptical, but then when was she not? she knew that without a doubt Hailey would demand her assistance. She had to go, and she had to help, and so she remained quiet. She cared for her friend very much, but sometimes... Hailey scared her. For once, she honestly wasn't sure what Hailey was getting at, though it definitely made her uneasy. She knew how the other was. What Hailey said was bold, she clearly seemed to know what she was talking about judging by the matter-o-fact tone in her voice and yet she promised so much. Was this really the fate of humanity, for children to overthrow the adults completely and slowly replace them with pokespirit wielding adults? Somehow she the idea didn't particularly appeal to her.

Hailey let out a breath.

Hailey: "I think we're both ready..."
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