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Quote originally posted by Zameric:
I really like where this seems to be going. I think you're doing a pretty good job so far.

One question I had about the mechanics is are you going to try to fix the typing match-ups to reflect Gen II & III?
It would help tremendously to remove Psychic's immunity to ghost type attacks and make it weak to them.
There's also the dumb Gen I relationship between Poison type and Bug type.

I'd like to suggest making poison type attacks super-effective against normal type pokemon.
I've always thought that poison was a little short sold.
Yeah, I will be mixing up the type matchups to what I think sounds best. And I definitely agree with the poison vs. normal. I haven't thought about that before. Thanks!
Quote originally posted by Zameric:
I know you kind of answered this before, but I'd suggest adding in some moves.
Both ghost and dragon types need a decent damaging move.
And make Twineedle and/or Pin Missile more accessible.
Even without Psychic's immunity to ghost, it's still a 'broken' type.
Yeah, nothing's official yet, but I'll definitely keep this in mind when I take a deeper look at adding in new moves.
Quote originally posted by Zameric:
If I knew how to hack pokemon games and be able to add in stuff, I might put in Munna, Musharna and a pre-evolution for Kangaskhan.
Well, I'm definitely not interested in any Pokemon besides the original 151. And don't worry. I already have a plan for Kangaskhan
Quote originally posted by Zameric:
I'd also personally would like to see the two Nidorans treated more as one pokemon.
I think they should have been the first gender-based split evolution line. :p
I'd also make Nidoking/queen evolve by level-up, instead of moon stone.
Do you mean combining the two Nidorans into one Pokemon? Well RBY don't support genders and I doubt I would be able to add that in myself. And besides, it would mess with the Pokedex order and that would bother me. So I'm gonna keep it just the way it is
Quote originally posted by Zameric:
Just some neat sprites I found of deviantart.
[link] [link] [link]
Well thanks for offering, but like I said, I won't be adding new Pokemon and I already know what I'm doing as a pre-evolution for Kangaskhan. And those baby Kangaskhan sprites would have to be devamped anyway because they contain more than four colors
Quote originally posted by qaz015393:
sprites look great. Really like them. Keep up the hard work. Glad the palette enhancement worked. Looking forward to the other sprites.
So you like the revamped Yellow/Green sprites and the new grey palettes for the Machop family? It's always bothered me that GSC used a stupid brown palette, because you'll never find them brown anywhere else. So I tried to make them look as familiar as possible. Did it work?
And thank you for all your support!

Hacks made from my Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch (V2.0 JUST RELEASED):
Pokemon Red Proud Eyes [Skeetendo Link] by break
Pokemon Grape [Skeetendo Link] by 80C
Pokémon Red: Battle Factory [Skeetendo Link] by ShantyTown
Pokemon Ruthless Red and Pokemon Brutal Blue by ScytherTM
Pokemon Ice Blue by Dradier234
Pokemon Tough Red by slim spazzy
Pokemon Red: Legends by BroskiRage
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