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Quote originally posted by drunk ¬_¬:
@RHCP: Meh, I have no name :P

But anyways, I edited my SU… let me know what you think :)
The Home section is awesome now! Sorry if I'm being annoying, but could you add just a little little about what Ricardo's mother, father and brother are like? One sentence for each, at least. It would make it easier for me in the RP :3 the sister won't matter in that way.

Quote originally posted by Retro Bug:
I haven't read it... In all honesty I just googled it a bit after I signed-up.
Ok, I'll keep that in mind and make sure that you'll understand!

Quote originally posted by Otherworld9):
I fixed up the family section and gave him a personality, looks, job, and what he does as hobbies. Hope it helps~ Also added the hex color. [#87CEEB]

I read Homestuck and am still in Act 4. In all honesty, I LOVE IT. It also explains why I admire both Gamzee and Eridan~
Ah, a lot of info on the father. That's fine~

Now your Home section looks a bit thin compared to the others xD but it's still fine, a pretty regular house, right?

With that I can accept you with the spot!

Oh, you're only in Act 4? Savor the read :D:D I think I'll re-read the whole thing soon actually. So many details I imagine will mean more the second time you see them~ I don't like Gamzee nor Eridan much, tehehe ;) Terezi and Vriska are my favorites!

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