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[Sorry for not being around; I got pretty busy. I probably will continue to be very busy.]

Jess Long

When the door opened, and Jess’s partner walked inside, Blade jumped to his feet, eyes on the boy and his two following Pokemon. The fire on top of his head burned brightly and a growl rose in its throat. Jess shifted on her bed, turning towards the boy that was standing at the front of the suite. Sat up on the bed with two Pokeballs at her side that contained her other Pokemon.

“So you are a guy, I was right,” Jess sighed lightly. Great, she had to share a suite with a guy. She only hoped this guy wasn’t handsy. Plus there was only one bathroom. “That wasn’t a nice introduction though,” with a clear of his throat. “I’m Jess Long.”

She gestured towards her Infernape. “This here is Blade, one of my partners. My other two are probably too big for this room.” Blade continued to stand at Jess’s side, expression hardened and serious, just as he always was around boys or men. Blade was fiercely protective of his trainer, just as Alaric and Shellshock were.

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